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Hi, I'm Hayden

I'm the Director, Lead Analyst, and Chief Coffee Maker. To be fair, it's just me so I do everything in the office.

I started out in Marketing and Public Relations - I know, odd that I'm working in the space I do now huh? But actually it makes sense. When I was in Marketing I always wanted to know if my ads were working, so I got good at figuring out if they do. Over the years more and more people have seen what I do and asked if I can help them do it too. So now I spend my days helping Marketers understand in detail exactly what is working, and what isn't, and understanding why they are getting those results.

Hopefully, I can help you too.

Feel free to give me a call. I'm happy to just talk about possibilities or a problem you might be stuck on.

Cell: 027 3164 809